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Enchanted Melodies, 4th Show

In 2018, ICCEF presented 3 successful series Enchanted Melodies 《拥抱夕阳 老歌欣赏会》,  our 4th Enchanted Melodies 《拥抱夕阳》系列第四场演唱会 will be held  on 30th Mar 2019 (Saturday) from 3:00pm to 5:30pm at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)  Multi-Purpose Hall.  Audience will enjoy the afternoon-tea, sweet and savory finger-food and music casually and simultaneously.

We are pleased to have local vocalists, Ms He Cai Xia (何彩霞), Ms Li XiaoYen(李晓燕), Mr Macus Chin(陈建彬), Mr Hong ShouXuan(洪劭轩), Ms He Xiya (何米亚) and Ms Ervinna(爱慧娜) from Indonesia in this event, each singer will perform three folk songs from China or other regions with live Chinese Orchestra accompaniment by NAFA Chinese Chamber Ensemble.